Enterprise Brand Asset Management for FMCG

For FMCG organisations speed-to-market can be critical when it comes to product and brand innovation.

To stay in front organisations need to accelerate the process of delivering new packaging, point-of-sale material and advertising into market. However quality control and regulatory compliance demand that all packaging and marketing assets are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy – often involving dozens of individuals across many business divisions.

iApproveit’s Enterprise Brand Asset Management solutions streamline and automate the workflow processes for FMCG companies and protect brands from risk by ensuring compliance throughout the briefing, creating, reviewing, storing and distributing of brand assets

Automated workflows drive efficiency & compliance

iApproveit’s hosted software service provides an automated solution for managing creative marketing processes and centrally managing the storage, distribution and compliance of assets like packaging, marketing collateral, brand artwork, POS material, logos, advertising, brochures, forms and documents.

Our unique experience in creating solutions for FMCG organisations allows us to tailor an implementation that will reflect your business structure and processes, while incorporating world’s best practices in marketing automation and workflow.