Job Flow

JobFlow is an online marketing management system designed to radically improve the way you use and control your digital brand assets.

Taking artwork from concept to pre-print comes with plenty of pitfalls; people in different locations, some internal, some external. Managing and keeping track of emails, printed materials, comments, versions; it is time consuming and error prone at the best of times.

Enter Jobflow: a web-based workflow and approval system that mirrors your approval process, designed by people with an intimate understanding of the marketing process. No more sending artwork around the country (or the world) to be reviewed or approved. Everyone works on the same version, guaranteed. A workflow system to release, review and approve ensuring efficiency and control over the process. Instantly see who has reviewed, revised and approved artwork. Would that make a difference in your working day?

What does Job Flow offer?

Clear, repeatable workflow – ensures strict compliance with your process every time.

  • Create workflows once, based on your current processes, replicate them endlessly.
  • Create custom workflows at any time.
  • Manage multiple jobs, each user has their own workspace and to-do list.

Include Internal and external parties

  • Web-based solution allows participation by unlimited number of approved parties.
  • Any sort of digital file: Native art, TVC, photos, logos and even TVC or Radio Ads.

Remote proofing

  • System “streams” a pixel perfect image to the recipient, radically reducing the time required to receive and view a file. View a 2mb or a 20mb file almost instantly.

Online markup tools

  • Do everything from zoom and measure, spot color check, add notes or comments directly to the art in precise locations.
  • Eliminate confusion with notes places exactly where you place them.

Powerful version control

  • Capture comments at every stage, ensuring everyone always works of the same, latest version.
  • Compare the difference – check both versions on screen at once and ensure your changes have been made.

Status reporting

  • Instant, online management reporting on jobs and campaign status and performance.
  • Visual activity “drill down” tools – report by job, brand, division, group at a glance.

Clear audit trail

  • Ensure compliance by documenting and auditing each element of the approval process.
  • Reports on location, version, use, access of all your brand assets.

Easy to use & implement – intuitive, simple interface

  • A hosted service; no software to install, maintain or support.
  • PC and MAC compliant.
  • Access via any computer with an internet browser and connection.

Robust and secure

  • Hosted, managed and fully supported.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Fully managed and maintained, 24x7x365.
  • Use of industry leading technology from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco and Kodak.
  • Information encrypted and protected using latest technologies.